The Church was originally founded on February 15, 1953, at Labor Temple in Arcata by Rev. Kelsey Parker. Ten people were in attendance. In April 1954, a building was purchased on Elk River Road in Eureka. In 1959, it was sold and the church moved to Marine View Terrace Recreational Hall. In 1961, land was purchased at 487 Gatliff in Eureka. A new church sanctuary was completed in 1962, and in 1968 a Sunday School annex was built. The church was called Full Gospel Tabernacle of Eureka.   

On March 1, 1970, Rev. John R. McDonald, along with his wife Marilyn and toddler daughter, came to Eureka for what they thought would be a brief time. Instead, it proved to be a defining moment for them and the city of Eureka, California.

The small congregation consisted of 9 voting members: Sis. Eunice King, Sis. Mickey Ziegenbein, Bro. & Sis. Albert Parker, Sis. Nancy Quinn, Sis. Hazel Strahan, Bro. & Sis. Darrell Green, & Sis. June Beauchamp.

After a very discouraging first year and a half, the new Pastor and little congregation decided to meet together every day for prayer. This small group earnestly sought the Lord for a harvest of souls. During a 14 week revival, they met their first new convert, Doug Bittle. He soon began to bring other friends from college, and the church began to multiply. Soon, 30+ young people were meeting weekly in the Pastor’s home for Bible Study and fellowship. Soon the 30+ member “Gatliff Gang,” as they called themselves, multiplied to 80, and in May of 1981, the church exchanged properties with another church denomination and relocated to 2020 Campton Road in Eureka.  

In May of 1983, the church also purchased another property, and a branch work in Fortuna, California was started!

In May of 1988 a new sanctuary was built at 2020 Campton Road in Eureka which would seat 375 people and included offices, classrooms, and a gymnasium. The old sanctuary was converted to the “fellowship hall.”

In June of 1994, Bro. Jonathan McDonald returned from CLC Bible College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and began assisting his father in the ministry. In December of 1999, Bro. Jonathan married Sis. Stephanie Wilson, daughter of Pastor & Sis. Stephen Wilson of Mississippi. Together, they continued to assist Bro. John McDonald and carry on the work and vision for revival.

In March of 2011, Bro. John McDonald officially retired after 41 years of pastoring, and Bro. Jonathan McDonald was installed as Senior Pastor.  

Under the direction of Pastor Jonathan McDonald, the church became known as EUREKA – The Pentecostal Church and continued to grow & flourish. Each service, the small parking lot of only 60+ spaces was filled and cars lined all of the surrounding streets around the church. Many times, extra chairs were brought out to accommodate the large crowds. In 2014, after many years of searching for new property to expand, Pastor Jonathan McDonald made a connection with yet another church in town,and the church once again swapped properties, rather than having to build from the ground up. In November of 2014, Eureka – The Pentecostal Church relocated to 1060 Hoover Street in Eureka, a beautiful property on the bay which seats 850 people and has approximately 200 parking spaces. God’s hand of blessing & provision has been evident upon the church and it’s great leadership team. To God be the Glory for the great things He has done!

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